Experience in Muay Thai game help to win the game

Muay Thai is one of fair game, which is excellence and fair game and need experience to win. Honour, respect, tradition, these are some of the synonyms of a good sport
Entering the ring is just one step forward in your muay Thai career. These first fights will not matter much if you will compete for much longer and continue having more battles. If you win these matches or is not irrelevant. It is simply one more step of a successful muay Thai sport.

Be willing to learn a lot
If you really only want to win, if you cannot bear to lose, then compete with your pillow at home. Compete with someone who has no chance to beat you.
However, if you want to challenge yourself and improve, then go up to the ring “win or lose”, learn everything you can during training. Do that and you are already successful.
Focus on yourself
You can not affect your opponent’s performance; you can only have an effect on your performance. Then, focus on yourself. Warm up, stretch, do your workouts to become the best competitor possible. Stop looking at other competitors in camp, stop looking at your opponent, stop comparing yourself with others. Think about what you can do to improve. There is nothing else to think about. Worrying about how hard someone can hit is not going to help you in any way. Focus on yourself
You will improve on the way
Think of combat as feedback. It will not tell you if you are good or bad. The fight does not tell you if you are a real muay nak or not. The combat tells you how much you have improved along the way by exercise. It tells you what you need to work on and what you are doing well. Nothing more, nothing less.