Chalong @ experience

Chalong Muay Thai training camp and gym & experience :  

Muay Thai is among the best sports to improve the health and fitness of an individual. People not only practice it for self-defense and self-confidence, but they also learn this to stay active, fit, and healthy. Its effectiveness can be witnessed by seeing an MMA fighter and an ordinary man. There will be a huge difference between their physique, power, health, and activeness. That’s what Muay Thai is all about. There are training camps for Muay Thai all over the world, especially in Thailand, because Thai Boxing or Muay Thai was invented in Thailand a few centuries ago, and they know about it more than anyone else. At that time, it was practiced to train Army people to keep fighting and defending themselves when they were unarmed during the battles. 

In the present day, Muay Thai has gone to the next level as now it is not a combat sport only, now it is a lifestyle to live a healthy life with peace of mind because of mastering self-defense and self-confidence. 

How Muay Thai Improves health at Phuket city?

Muay Thai is not a set of a few kicks, a few punches along with elbow strikes, etc. But it comprises of a lot of other exercises, workouts, training, and positive affirmations. So those who adopt it enjoy good health because of staying active day to day. 

Any combat sport needs learning and then maintaining the routine, and it is not about learning and then quitting. It requires lifetime practice as a day to day routine. In other words, we can say Muay Thai is a lifestyle. 

Its practice makes a person physically strong, powerful, and active that improves self-confidence abilities and mind power. And this enables one to make the right decision in a short time. It also helps to increase will power along with muscular power. 

One who practices Muay Thai feels safe from any bullying or robbery incidence. And one can handle it with a present mind along with great defense with an offense. So this peace of mind is great for physical health as well.

One who practices Muay Thai keeps almost all the body organs strong and fit because it is almost a full-body exercise. And while practicing Muay Thai, from head to toe, each of the organs is exercised as per requirement. 

That’s why a lot of people travel to Thailand to learn this art from the inventors. There are a lot of training camps in all parts of the country. And Those gyms or training camps are fully equipped with the required tools along with the native coaches who know Muay Thai from the basic to advance level. They convert a beginner into a pro. They turn a coward into a lethal fighter who is well armed to help anyone who needs help to tackle bullies, goons, or robbers. They are generating strong students; physically and mentally strong. 

Chalong @ Experience :

This is my first time going into a Muay Thai level 1 training class and I never thought it would be this tough. Now I know why muay thai fighters are so well conditioned and fit. I’m glad I did it, and it feels great, but I must admit that it was tough and I am no where near as fit as everyone else there.

I’ve never had any form of training before except practicing K u n t a u Martial Arts at a dojo when I was a child. My experience at the muay thai class was way different from how I expected it to be. I thought that it would be like my old martial art classes where there’s around 10 people, and line up and bow to your sensei and practice what he teaches for that day.

Today was my first free class to see how it was. When I first went into the gym, there were around 40 people inside already doing warm ups and they all looked like they knew what they were doing. No one looked like beginners. When the time started for class, one of the instructors would yell out “CLASS IS STARTING! EVERYONE JUMP ROPE! EVERYONE GET YOUR JUMP ROPES!!”. I had no one to instruct me on what to do or if they knew it was my first time here since there were sooo many students. Later I was just told to get a jump rope and just jump rope. It was pretty packed so We all had to cram in our own lil spot and start jumping rope. I didn’t know how I was suppose to do it or what specific way, so I just jumped regularly.

Next to me was this machine that beeped every so often, I had no idea how it worked or if what each beep means or how long in between each beep.

After a few minutes and sets of jumping rope, the instructor yelled for everyone to get in a line to get ready for shadow boxing. Since this was my first time, I had no idea on how to wrap my hands so I went to one of the instructors and had him do it for me. Then the instructor just taught me the basic 1 & 2, and a basic teep kick and rear kick. He helped me out for a bit and then went back to shouting and instructing the rest of the class.

After shadow boxing, we went into many sets of jumping jacks, squats, lunges, push ups, *from standing up we jumped down to the floor and spread our legs out, and stood back up and jumped while bring the knees to our chest* (i dunno what that is called). BUT THAT WAS THE TOUGHEST ONE!. By that time my thighs were so weak i couldn’t even stand or jump. Everytime i tried to jump a lil, i would loose balance and fall. I felt so weak and embarassed as if everyone was watching me. In my head i was thinking “this is only the warmups and i cant even get pass it. how will i do the drills later”.

After more and more warm up exercises, we partnered up. and did the lesson of the day. Today’s lesson was clinching. and then we moved on to pad work with another lesson of the day. After doing a few drills of the pad work, the instructor yelled out to do “100 knees”. I was so dead I thought I was going to die. After 100 knees, we did more kicks with each leg with the thai pads

The whole experience was brilliant.