Four habits those are good for your health and Muay Thai career

Health comes first before training but a better health is an outcome of healthy habits of course. In this regard, here are some best habits to be followed by every Muay Thai fighter;

Sleep for at least 7-8 hours:

Muay Thai fighters work hard at the training centre day and night. The body goes through a lot of muscle work and pressure. To increase the stamina, fighters take supplements from protein powders and shakes but none of them can give your body the kind of stamina that a 7-8 hours of sleep can. When you sleep for sufficient hours, the muscles start to gain power and the muscle soreness heals automatically.

Shower after the workout:

Take a shower in cold water immediately after your workout. This will decrease the muscle soreness to a great extent. Most muay pros follow this habit. Challenging your physical stamina each day will bring body pain and taking a cold shower will help you fight it better than any painkiller.

Always be ready to work outside your comfort zone:

Being a Muay Thai fighter means pushing your limits every day. The moment you stop doing that your skill development will come to a halt. You can start practising it with small steps. For instance, you can go for 7 reps of squats today against 6 rounds of squats yesterday. You may run for 2 minutes more on the treadmill than your usual. Such practices make your mind immune to go through any kind of extreme training session.

Strict diet control:

You would not like to lose your day end hard work to a lousy meal that would affect your health, would you? Keep a habit of choosing a right meal against a tasty meal. A right meal full of nutrition can aid towards rapid muscle gain and internal strength.

Last but not the least; keep reading about the biographies of big Muay Thai fighters like Buakaw Banchamek, Samart Payakaroon, Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn etc. It will help you to learn the art of Muay Thai from the core.