Timing tips for the beginners of the Game

The first time you start Muay Thai training, “timing” can be extremely intimidating if you do not be acquainted with what it really is. Most beginners of the game think that “timing” is one step away from a fight. The better you are in timing or “len chern” in Thai language (playing with the techniques you know in a 1 on 1), the more success you will have preparing for your fights.  

 If you really want to improve in Muay Thai, the timing should be added to your training routine.  Below are some tips for maintain the timing of Muay Thai.

You do not go to 100%

I do not think it’s a good idea for beginners to start very hard. As a beginner, I recommend starting slowly. Usually when a person kicks or hits very hard, the opponent starts to raise the pace too. 

Leave your ego at the door

You will hit and you will be hit. Accept it and get ready for that. You are training for a contact sport / martial art and if you are new to muay Thai and worried about looking bad, then you are in the wrong sport. The only way to improve in muay Thai exercise is to get your hands dirty

Use combinations

Once you get used to the timing you should start trying to create combinations and try to shape your body. Instead of throwing a low kick, why not throw jab-jab-a kick? Remember that making combinations is much more effective than launching individual attacks. Use as many combinations as you can to be more effective. Concentrate on using your hands and feet together in combinations. For example, you can try jab-jab-with left hook-a low kick. It is always interesting to try to finish a combination with a kick, since it adds more points.